Quick Pool workouts


This week, I put on my goggles (that always fog up), a sporty suit ( sorry no swim cap), and did a fun and quick pool workout not once, but twice. High five. Then I thought to myself, I really should post about this. Because I love pool workouts, and some pools might (unfortunately) be closing after this weekend. 

So without any further delay…here you go.

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Dream Beach Bag. End of Summer Deals


I just spent the entire day organizing and sorting my closet and office. Ok I lied. A day and a half. So what’s the next rational thing to do? Peruse the web for deals and stuff that I want, so that I can de-organize everything again soon.

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Shoes with soul.


Although I swear I was meant to be barefoot for the majority of my life, I can’t help but love me some shoes. Especially ones that make my feet look cool, while also helping various causes, or empower people and communities across the globe.

So, if anyone is looking for some shoes. (Oh wait, isn’t that something that’s in our genetic code)…here are a few lines that are stylin’ but also doing so much good, even your feet will get a warm fuzzy.

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Ok, there are a ton of ALS Ice Bucket Challenege videos circulating lately. But this, by far, has to be the most freaking fantastic, and creative one yet.

A little bird also told me the video’s creator also donated to the cause. Major bonus points there.

Watch, and be mesmerized…then watch again.

Saluting your radness, Mike Bullock. Awesome video. If I get nominated can you come to LA and film me? Thanks.

Salt Gypsy X Goldfish Kiss


Danny of Salt Gypsy is a gem of a human being. She is genuine, creative, full of integrity, and totally rips. So, when the opportunity to collaborate with her on one of her (always sold out because they totally rock) travel wraps arose, I did a jumping fist pump followed by an enthusiastic heck yeah. 

We also happened to finalize the design while in the middle of the Indian Ocean, on our surf trip in The Maldives.

Best board meeting ever.

So, we are thrilled to introduce the Salt Gypsy X Goldfish Kiss travel wrap.

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