Go to run. Go to gear.


In the world of fitness there’s so many things out there that you are told to do, and need to wear, that at times I feel overwhelmed and just want to curl up in a ball and eat Doritos, while wearing sweats.

Well what helps me not go on that Doritos binge, is having what I like to call, go to’s. A quick yet butt kicking go to run that you can do anytime, anywhere, and a genre of go to gear that I feel comfy yet cool in, time after time.

It’s a match made in sweaty heaven. So it’s time to share.

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Little Things. Big difference.


I’ll admit it, when it comes to certain little healthy living essentials, I am, to put it quite delicately, cheap. I am known to drink out of the same old plastic Crystal Geyser bottle for a month straight (or until my dog chews it up). I will contemplate spending $200 on a pair of torn up jeans, but have a hard time forking over $5 for a 3-for-1 deal on socks. And, I kid you not, I still have a grey sports bra from…my sophomore year of high school. As disgusting as that might sound, it is confirmation that Champion bras are built to last. And no it does not have permastink.

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DIY Beach Souvenir Necklace


Whenever I travel to a beach, I like to keep a little bit of sand and some shells as a souvenir. I am actually looking at a bottle of sand from the Maldives and little tray full of shells on a shelf behind my computer as I type this. Anywho, I thought it would be fun to try and make these souvenirs a little more wearable.

So, I made a necklace.

Of course I made it using things I found around the house, because if I actually had to go buy something, the probability of me actually doing this DIY would be quite slim. 

Here you go.

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