Date Night


Every Thursday night (at least during football season) is date night in the Steen fam. Which means I get to get all dolled up, have an excuse to shower, then bust out the curling iron, eyeliner, perfume and saucy NARS shimmer stuff. So, while I procrastinate in getting ready this Thursday, I figured I’d share some date night inspired pics I took for Flash Tattoos.

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A year ago, a woman rescued a dog, and that dog happened to have puppies the very next day, which my mom (thanks to God’s perfect timing) happened to find when they were almost 8 weeks old (and needing a home). Well, my best four legged friend, Kili, is one of those pups.

Happy first birthday Kili.

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Quick Pool workouts


This week, I put on my goggles (that always fog up), a sporty suit ( sorry no swim cap), and did a fun and quick pool workout not once, but twice. High five. Then I thought to myself, I really should post about this. Because I love pool workouts, and some pools might (unfortunately) be closing after this weekend. 

So without any further delay…here you go.

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