oh this gorgeous earth

Oh this beautiful, jaw dropping, makes you feel oh so small earth we are so blessed to live on. I want to swim in all the oceans, feel the crisp & cool mountain air, soak up the tropics, climb the mountains, go for as many walks as possible, keep on finding unexpected beauty, and stock up on frequent flier miles while seeing all that it has to offer.

So, let’s all do something to help it stay beautiful, instead of messing it all up.

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The cuffed looped pony


I met up with my friend Ashley of Seiba yesterday for a little SUP stroll in Malibu. And well, whenever I see her, she is adorned in some sort of friendship bracelet radness. (Free People even took note of this). Yesterday she had a skinny belt woven in her hair into a braid. Well, that inspired me to figure out new ways to adorn my locks in some woven goodness. The result? I like to call it the cuffed looped pony.

It’s pretty easy but looks rather sweet.

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What I Miss about Hawaii

I believe in living in the moment, not looking back (too much) and making the most of each day. But I’d be lying if I didn’t confess that I miss Hawaii every day. Some days every minute, some other days it seems every second. After returning from my last trip back, it is rekindling these feelings more than ever.

Whenever I get an email of someone telling me they want to move to Hawaii, or that I inspired them to move, I cry a little on the inside. So, I am sorry if I haven’t emailed you back, it’s just I wish I could go back with you. 

So, I sit, with my big soundproof headphones on, listening to John Cruz on repeat, and figured it’s time to write a long overdue list about…what I miss about Hawaii. 

Or at least try.

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Some circuit cardio

For times when gyms aren’t in the picture, you are traveling, can’t go on a run, or are on house arrest. Body weight circuits are quite handy. Your heart pumps, you sweat a ton, you jam to Pandora, you maybe even watch the Today Show while you do it (guilty as charged).

So, here’s a good little body weight circuit, that definitely makes you sweat ( I did it in sweats, which helped)…to do while jamming to your favorite boy band Pandora station.

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The Beach House

As I sit, staring at my walls (that are that blah beige/off white that all apartment walls are painted for some reason) and my floors (that are covered in dog hair, even though I just swept and our pup has short hair), while listening to cars and trucks drive by (because we live on a “short cut street”), I close my eyes, and dream ofthe Beach House.

A few items that are inspiring me to make my latte at home so I can save more money and actually make this dream house happen one day:

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