What would you buy?

A bikini, a new shirt, some sandals, heck even a ding repair kit or new beach towel and a smashball set…what would you buy with a $50 gift card from Swell…because I’m teaming up with them and giving away two of them.

Swell is your one stop shop for anything beach, and a store that’s been dear to my heart for over a decade now for that very reason. You think of a beach/surf related brand or item, you betcha beach bum dollar you can find it at Swell.

So here’s how to enter. Don’t worry, it’s easy. All you need to do is comment on this post, and let us know what you’d buy with your gift card. Two lucky commentators will score one of life’s great indulgences: Guilt free shopping.

Ready, set, lemme hear it…

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  1. strawberrygomez said: i would buy a new bathing suit, shirt, and slippers. Perfect beach outfit C:
  2. lettersonyourwall said: I would buy the sanuk rasta dreamtime sandal…my only pair of flip flops finally died on me on the way back from class today! and I would buy one of those super-comfy long sleeved tees…
  3. littlestrangerr said: Definitely a new bikini!
  4. pearlruca said: This got me excited! I OBSESS over swell’s catalogs, circling all the things I would love to buy! So many lovely things to choose from all the time. But I would buy a cute cardigan for fall, I’m in need of one, ♡
  5. lanipop said: The gray cardigan and yellow pair of sunglasses <3
  6. ilovejenny said: i’ll get clothing that goes along with my bikini to make them a good outfit for summer.
  7. moveyourasana said: A bikini. You can never ever have too many.
  8. elkarleen said: definitely a bikini!! :)
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