Beach Beauty: Leopard Print nails

Leopard Print. Everyone loves it for some reason. Including myself. Especially on nails.

Good news. It’s easy to paint the beloved print yourself, and I think if you don’t have a steady hand, it looks even better.

So here’s the DIY for some Leotastic nails.

1. Paint base coat.

2. Paint 2 coats of the base color of choice.

3. Using a black nail art brush paint a bunch of squiggly half circles that don’t totally connect to make a circle on each nail.

4. Using either a dotting tool or a nail art brush, fill in the space in between the half circles with a lighter color.

* if you prefer, you can do step 4 before step 3, it looks good either way.

5. Let polish dry and paint with super glossy topcoat.

6. Enjoy your purrrrfectly ferocious nails.

Polish used (I’m digging the neutrals lately)- base: Essie Sand Tropez, Print: Milani nail art lacquer in black and white.

Also, here’s a video tutorial in case I made no sense.

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