RX Bikini Bod. 12 days of 20 minute workouts.


Let’s face it. Sometimes having a lot of spare time to workout isn’t always an option. Especially this time of year. However, doing something that gets your heart rate up and makes you break a sweat, in what little time you can find, is crucial. So, my goal was to provide you with more options for quick workouts than excuses you can make up. I do a bunch of these regularly, and it’s amazing what 20 minutes can do…and even better news, each workout isn’t excruciating.

So, here you go.

1: Jog 10 minutes out then run back, but when you are running back, alternate between sprinting 20 seconds, then jogging 40 seconds until you are back at your starting point.

2: Do a set of 10/9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1/ pull ups and push ups in a row. Followed by the same with crunches. So set 1 = 10 pull ups & 10 push ups, set 2 = 9 pull ups and 9 push ups….

3: Go to yogadownload.com and download a free 20 minute class. This is one of my faves. Bonus points for being great to do before work.

4: Jump rope 1 minute, crunches for 1 minute, body weight squats for 1 minute, plank hold for 1 minute, walking lunges for 1 minute. Repeat 4 times.

5: Find a park with a bench or step or box. Sprint 100 yds away from the bench, walk or jog back, and do 10 alternating box blasts. Repeat until you reach 20 minutes.

6: Go on a fast paced walk. Bonus points if it’s on the sand. Bazillion bonus points if it’s with your dog.

7: Find a set of stairs at a stadium, your house, a park, neighborhood, and run up them, then walk down until you reach 20 minutes.

8: Same as #7 but find a hill and sprint up it, then walk down. I highly suggest walking down as slow as you can :)

9: Go on a fast paced or hilly bike ride.

10. Do this 20 minute Pilates workout. 

11. Find a track or soccer field and do the following: sprint the long straightaway, jog the short end, sprint the other long straightaway, walk the short end. Repeat until you reach 20 minutes.

12. Turn on some tunes and dance your booty off for 20 minutes. I mean dance baby dance. Like no one is watching, like you are in a club, or if you’re like me…like you are impersonating Britney Spears in her prime.

Voila. A quick workout, way to clear your head, or break a sweat for any time or mood. And I’m convinced being active and moving makes you happy…and happy people always feel better in bikinis.

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