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  • The Tabata Circuit

    Tabata workouts have saved my butt over the past six months of craziness. Ever since I got hooked on this workout, I’ve implemented these quick l’il intense sweat sessions into my training regularly. Sometimes as

  • RX Bikini Bod: Band Tabata Workout

    TABATA: (n.) – A type of high intensity interval training that will whip your bootie into phenomenal shape. TABATA BAND WORKOUT: (n.) A type of High intensity interval training that will whip your bootie into phenomenal shape using

  • RX Bikini Bod: Quick Tabata workout

    Tabata = doing an exercise at 100% effort as fast as you can for 20 seconds, then resting for 10seconds and repeating seven more times without any break. If you had a weekend like me

  • Every minute on the Minutes

    Sometimes, well for me at least, the best way to get motivated to workout is to try different ways of managing the workload. Example: instead of doing slow and steady cardio (my nemesis), try intervals. Any

  • Just Move for 20

    It’s that time of year when fitness is kind of in the spotlight. People want to feel better, drop a few pounds, and get off on the right foot. So I’m just going to chime in

  • It’s that time of day –

    It’s that time of day – you know you need to get a workout in, but you’re tired and have about 20 minutes. Might I suggest trying this little gem of a workout…  The basic principle

  • If I was ever a Superhero/Bond

    If I was ever a Superhero/Bond Girl or some bad ass who went around kicking stuff, this miiiight be my getup of choice. With some sort of cutoff old gray hoodie or tee for when

  • A Typical Day

    So, I’ve received quite a few emails asking how I manage my mom/work/life and what my daily eating habits are like. I was on the fence about writing about it, mainly because I know there

  • That Tough Healthy Balance

    So, I received an amazing email last week, and one of the questions she asked me was how I find the time – to workout, take care of my son, run a blog, work a