10 thoughts for 10 years


Well, my husband and I just celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary. Don’t worry, I’m not about to dish out marriage advice or anything. We just read an anniversary card we got from my husband’s grandparents who just celebrated their 66th…they are the ones to go to for advice. But, I think it’s cool to talk about our marriage, or bits of it at least. And well, it’s kind of nuts to think that it’s been ten years already. 

So, I figured I’d just write down the first ten thoughts that came to mind.

This should be fun…

1: I love making him laugh – he has this deep loud somewhat cackling awesome laugh. And he can’t fake it. It’s a personal goal of mine to make him laugh once a day. Or at least smile so big I know he’s laughing on the inside

2: We really like good coffee. French press made at home (Kona or vanilla mac nut) or Hazelnut Americanos if we’re at a coffee shop (Just one pump of hazelnut. Yum). Being able to enjoy a good, super strong cup together has been one of life’s simplest joys over the past few years.

3: There are two things we were never meant to do together: assemble Ikea Furniture or paddle a high performance two person kayak. 

4:  To celebrate our anniversary, we got dressed up (Clarification: I got dressed up – he put on jeans and a hoodie, and still looked freakishly handsome) got some carryout and a few beers, then sat on the beach and had dinner while we watched the sunset and listened to some music. Aka my favorite kind of date.

5:  When asked to describe the perfect day, I’m 100% sure we both would still describe our wedding day

6: We really miss being able to go out surfing together all the time. (Even though he likes to take my waves.) Which is why we’re trying to go somewhere this spring with just the two of us, a ton of waves, and not a lot of people. That doesn’t cost too much money. Let’s see if this is possible…

7: Spiffy. If he says I look spiffy that’s his way of saying DAMN MAMA YOU LOOKIN FINE!!!! 

8; The only thing that’s gotten between us is our dog, Kili, who wedges herself between us when we sleep each and every night. She puts her head by my husband and her butt by my face. I am so glad she doesn’t fart a lot. 

9: It’s been amazing watching our son be a total mix of the two of us. He is just so…us. And we both like to take the credit for his hair. And everything about him, really.

10: It hasn’t been all rainbows and butterflies (Although looking back, the four years we lived in Hawaii did feel like a four year honeymoon), and it’s a constant work in progress. But damn it’s a beautiful, perfectly imperfect thing I love with all my heart. 

Bring on the next decade…

Marriage rocks.


Pictured above: Us on the beach celebrating 10 years // Us, drinking freakishly delicous Kona coffee one morning when we were back in Hawaii // Our wrists.  ink = location of where we were married // Had to pull over for a photo op in Colorado // One of my favorite pic of us. Go figure it was from Moorea // Attempts at taking selfies together. We always look a tad bit awkward. 

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