Oh Jolly


So, last weekend I had a 5:15 am flight back to Pensacola out of Orlando, and was staying in Cocoa Beach. It was also daylight savings time. This all meant I had to leave for the airport at 1:45 am, since 2:45 would not exist. Early morning flights are always so great like that. 

But it turned out to be the most memorable drive to an airport for an early morning flight I’ve ever had. 

All because of Jolly. 

Jolly was my cab driver. And I wish I could’ve brought her home with me to just hang out for a few days. 

When I walked out of the hotel, she greeted me with a massive smile, and then said, “Girl, what in the hell are you doing going to the airport at 1:45 in the morning?″ I then explained my 5:15 am flight, and how at 2:00 everything jumped up to 3:00, and it’a an hour drive to get to Orlando. Then she said, “Oh we better go then. Orlando airport is always crazy.”

…We then proceeded to talk, nonstop, for the next hour or so while she drove (at exactly the speed limit), all the way to the airport. And when I say non stop, there was not a single second of dead air. And when I say speed limit, we got passed by every car on the highway. 

And I wish the cab ride could’ve lasted longer.

It was like therapy and talking to a long lost cool Aunt all in one. 

The conversation covered the following topics (and I tried to remember the order): Crazy drivers around Orlando Airport, why the titty bar we drove by was so packed, long story about super drunk lady and husband at aforementioned titty bar, then talked about being a mom, relationships, her daughter (former model now in the military) her being a single mom, being a cougar (She’s 65 dating a 37 year old…she looked 45), crocodiles and where they are, crime, crazy drivers passing us, working at Disney World, different jobs she’s had, a bad past relationship, race, God, talking to people about God, beauty tips, skin tips, tattoos, teeth whitening tricks, And last but not least, Hawaii. 

I probably forgot a few other topics. 

It was the best cab ride I’ve ever had. 

It’s like God knew I just was craving a really good and amusing conversation with someone who talked more than me, and had a total zest for life, contagious joy, and love for people. Then, sent an angel to me at 2am in the form of Jolly. (She also showed me her ID to prove that was her name, I told her there couldn’t be a more fitting name for her if I tried to think of one.) 

I wish I would’ve taken a pic with her, or a video or something because just the sound of her voice and how she talked to me make me feel great about life. 

And I wasn’t the only one, 

We stopped at two toll booths, and both guys operating the booths’ faces totally lit up when they saw Jolly. The way she talked to them…it even made me smile. It wasn’t just your usual, “Hi, how’s it going?” It was more along the lines of “WELL GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE! IT’S SO GREAT TO SEE YOUR FACE TODAY! HOW ARE YOU?” The all caps were necessary. And the smiles were contagious.

She was the epitome of a ray of light. I guarantee anyone who takes the time to strike up a conversation with her feels the same. 

And I am just so glad I did. 

When you come across someone with such a magnetic personality like that, you can’t help but want to emulate her in some shape of form. And ever since our cab ride, I’ve found myself laughing a bit more, talking to people a bit more (aside form the superficial Hi, how are you – which even that minimum seems rare nowadays) and just asking myself, I wonder what Jolly would say or do here? 

She just made me really, really, really happy. And gosh, that’s a great trait to possess. 

When we got to the airport, we actually thanked each other for the great early morning conversation, then said bye. When I was getting out of the cab, it was the first time she could see me, and she looked at me almost stunned and said, “AHHHH YOU’RE SOOO PRETTY!” I laughed and waved goodbye as I walked inside. With a little pep in my step. 

Once I set foot in the airport, it was back to reality: everyone frowning, looking at their phones, and it was eerily silent. 

So, as I was waiting in line at TSA, I pulled up the number that called me when my cab arrived earlier in the morning, and sent Jolly a Text: Thanks for such a great 2am ride to the airport Jolly. The world needs more people like you. 

Not a minute later she wrote back: Ohhhh! Thanks for saying so. And God bless you also! Sweetheart! I really appreciate your kindness and I really enjoyed talking to you! Also! I love this job sooooo ’ much! 😉 honestly! 

See. She even had great texting back etiquette. Another thing I need to work on. 

So the whole moral of this story is this: Talk to people. Strike up a conversation. Especially if the person seems like a fun person to talk with. Say something nice. You have no clue how fun and inspiring it might be. 

And secondly: If you ever need a cab in Cocoa Beach, Florida, try to find Jolly. 

You’ll be a happier person because of it. 

…even at 1:45 am when it’s daylight savings time. 

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