Banana Leaf toes


After staring at my naked toes for a week, wanting something with the tropical lush vibe to adorn them, and then realizing I’ve never shown banana print any love in the nail art department. Well, I figured it was time to try out some banana print toes. 

I am loving them so much that I might have to go set foot in the Beverly Hills hotel for the first time, go kick off my shoes, and snap a pic of my feet against a wall there…regardless of the strange looks I might get.

I promise it was easy, so here’s how to get some banana leaf print toes of your own.

1: Paint toes with a base coat, then 2 coats of a bright opaque white.

2: Using a nail art brush and some dark forest green polish, paint some thick, chunky banana leafs and thin stems, in no particular pattern or order. 

3: Clean off your nail art brush, now paint some more leaves and stems in a lighter green polish that also overlaps some of the dark green leaves. 

4: Using an even lighter green polish, paint a line through the middle of each leaf. This gives is some dimension. (If you aren’t a nail polish hoarder like me, you cal also mix some white with the light green polish you just used.) 

5: Clean your nail art brush, then go in with some white and put in some notches on the leaves.

6: Let dry, then cover with glossy topcoat. 

…and go eat a banana or some tropical fruit while admiring your toes.

Then investigate adorning some walls in your home in this radness.

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