Beach Hair 101: Twisted Side Ponytail

Perfectly neat hairdos and I don’t really get along. Blame it on fine hair and a bunch of cowlicks. However, a messy hairdo where you don’t even need a mirror or brush and I are getting to be pretty good pals.

So I present to you, the latest easy to do messy beach hairdo, that I’ve been doing non stop. I like to call it the messy twisted side ponytail.

1: Pull hair into a low and Loose side ponytail and secure with a rubber band.

2: Spread the hair above the rubber band apart so you have a hole

3: Have one hand still hold this hole open, then with the other, pull the ponytail through the hole. Make sure to pull the ponytail through from the front to the back. This is important, it looks wonky if you go back to front.

4. Grab a section of the leftover ponytail and wrap it around the rubber band, then tuck the end in the rubber band or just secure it with a bobby pin.

5. Scrunch and pull at your hair now to mess it up around the loop and rubber band area to cover the hole (If you have fine hair like me, you really need to do this step, or else the twisted ponytail kinda looks like a wish bone…not so cute.)

6. Yhatzee. A great new messy pony to add into the lineup…in case you get sick of the top knot or fishtail.

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