Beach Hair 101: Quick front braid

At this very moment, just off the beach, I am wearing this…but unfortunately, I do not look as glam as Isabel Lucas. I will live.

The quick little front french braid. it looks good on everyone and fakes fullness & volume at your hairline. It’s the best way to fake like you just spent a long time doing your hair when really, all you did is THIS.

Simply gather a thick section on one side of your head, and French-braid it over toward your other ear. Pin in place or braid it to the end and tie it. Do a cute little section (Thank you Jen), or go all out and make a dramatic headband effect a’ la my hair muse, Sienna Miller.

Tricks: 1: A priceless tip my mom told me: do not look in the mirror when you braid (works like a charm). 2: Add some mousse to your hair, somehow it makes everything stick.

Need any more help, go to YouTube and search “how to french braid”. You’ll be braiding like THIS in no time.

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