DIY Friendship Bracelet Bobby Pins


Bobby Pins. I always lose them, find them on a belt loop a week later, and never can find them when I really need one. I know most of the time the point is to have a bobby pin not show, but yeah they usually do anyways, so why not make it look cool with a l’il touch of boho. Maybe I’ll lose them less frequently

Summer camp memories and embroidery floss to the rescue.

Friendship Bracelet Bobby pins.

1. Grab 3 long strands of embroidery floss cut to equal lengths and a bobby pin.

2. Fold the floss in half, and secure the bobby pin on the fold.

3. Secure the bobby pin with floss on shorts you are wearing, zig zag side up, with the open end facing you.

4. Grab 2 of the 6 strands, and make a forward knot.

5. When you get to the bobby pin, have the loop also go around the top/zigzag half of the pin, therefore securing the knot on the bobby pin.

6. Repeat knots and use different colors to make a pattern all the way down the length of the pin. I did 4 knots per color combo on one pic. 

7. Cut off the string after the last knot.

8. Pin some hair back or use to secure an updo, braid, topknot, etc.

9. Go build a campfire, sing kumbaya and know, if you were back in summer camp, you’d have the best hair accessory there.

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