Marriage Rocks


Well, today is my husband and I’s eighth anniversary. Somehow time put on it’s Nike’s and has flown by. Because it feels like this all happened a few months ago. But then again they say time flies when you are having fun. And well it goes especially fast when it’s with your best friend. 

I’ve received quite a few requests to talk about our wedding, So figured it was time to finally share some pics and do a brief, somewhat organized rundown of the day and details. 

So here you go.

Wish I could write more, but Levi is sleeping so I just have enough time to crank out some bullet points.

• After dating long distance for about five years, we couldn’t wait to get married, so we had a really short engagement that was a little over three months long. 

• It was a barefoot beach wedding. Duh. That was my #1 non negotiable. 

• We had a destination wedding in Hanalei, Kauai. It was small, with about 30 of our closest friends and fam. 

• I bought my dress at it was a simple, backless, silk charmeuse Monique Lhuillier dress that I’d had my eyes on for a while. And got for 1/8th of the original price. 

• My husband wore white linen pants and a white button up. Lub dub.

• The wedding party: I told my pals to just wear a blue dress, the guys just wear a blue shirt. Any shade. Ironically, everyone wore almost the same colors of blue. 

• I did my own hair: beachy waves with clip on extensions. The sides were loosely pinned back and my mom put a gardenia in it. Best hair day of my life.

• I did my own makeup: My mom and I went to the Laura Mercier counter a few weeks before and had their makeup artist help me figure out a good look. 

• I was barefoot, but had my beat-up old Rainbow sandals and a pair of heels in tow, just in case.

• My bouquet rocked. Black calla lillies, gardenias and white orchids. It was huge, and wrapped in raffia with shell accents.

• We didn’t do much decorating, just flower petals in the sand. Then at the reception did orchids in big glass votives and had more petals and flowers just spread out on the tables. 

• I gave my bridesmaids Niihau shell bracelets and a pair of havaianas. 

• A family friend, Mike Young, (who also taught me to surf), sang and played the music on his guitar. Mike passed away last year from cancer, and I am just so blessed he was a part of the day.

• And our other friend, Dain, of Kauai Christian Fellowship, married us. If you are ever in Kauai go check out his church. It rocks.   

• We had a poolside reception with a DJ afterwards. 

What else? Clearly I was so detail oriented…

• My dad accidentally pulled out my veil when he handed me off. Which I was happy about, because I didn’t really want to wear a veil anyways. My pals who helped me put in my extensions were glad he didn’t pull out those.

• One kiss after “you may kiss the bride” wasn’t enough for me. We had two.

• My husband cried after the ceremony and lost his contact in the sand. But we found it right away. 

• I took waaaayyyyy too long getting ready, and everyone waited 30 minutes for the wedding to start. My husband said it was worth it 🙂

• We had guava cupcakes.

The wedding was simple, laid back, at the beach, perfectly imperfect, comfy, and just so…us. 

The way I think a beach wedding should be.

…off to flip through photos and reminisce some more. Hope you enjoy a few of my favorite pics above.

Cheers to eight years. 

And many more.

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