Bikini Facelift. Cut out top.

I absolutely love tri tops with the cut out areas/bands at the top of the cup (no clue what it’s technically called) like this onethis one, and ziiiis one. Which got me thinking…

We don’t hesitate one bit to cut up on old t-shirt. Actually it’s applauded and a plethora of YouTube channels have been launched because of it. So, why not take some scissors to an old bikini?  I did, and the results rather swell, especially considering it took less than 5 minutes to do.

So, if you have 5 minutes and an old bikini. Give it a shot.

Cut out Bikini Top:

1. With a non permanent marker, draw 2 triangles in the upper quarter of the triangle top. Leave a space in the middle of the two shapes you draw, so there will be a non cut out space about the width of the sides of the bikini top (see pic #2 above, should make sense). Make sure the lines are the same on each side of the top.

2. Using sharp scissors (mine were incredibly dull = incredibly frustrating) cut out the small triangles as cleanly and evenly as possible, making sure to not cut all the way across the middle, or else you will lose that strip of fabric.

3. Seal off raw ends with clear nail polish.

4. Donezo.

6. While you’re at it, go grab an old tee and cut it up.

Cheers to giving an old bikini top a reason to be worn again, and saving money…and being able to play with scissors.

* To those of you who wanted to know…the cool sheet I use in the pics above is a Maui Beach sheet, available here.

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