Brandy Melville: Give Thanks for Perfect Tanks.

It’s great to find a tank you can just grab, throw over a bikini, and instantly look put together, even when you’re not. It’s even better to find a line that’s perfected it and is also affordable. So, please meet Brandy Melville. A clothing line and retail store started over thirty years ago by Silvio Marsan in Rome, Italy (where the clothes are still made today) that, to put it quite simply, rocks my world. Hey, Italians know fashion, and apparently that must include beach attire. I’ve worn each one of my tanks in a solid rotation, for a over 2.5 weeks now – gotta do some laundry soon.

If you are lucky, you can pay a visit to one of the stores in Europe, Southern California, Soho, and coming soon…Hawaii. Absolute Sweetness. Don’t fret, an online store is coming soon as well. I shall post when it does.

Silvio, wherever you are, gratzie.

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