Sometimes a pic makes me think of a completely out of the blue idea. Here me out on this one…

What about a version of Cinderella, but she’s a beach bum.

Here you go…

• Her Step Sisters and Evil Stepmom are gals who never get in the water and she has to sit there and fan them and keep sand off of their toes.

• A fairy Godmother shows up in a Mumu (and is rocking a big ‘ol topknot and red hibiscus in it.)

• She gets to wear some beautiful boho beach dress and the aforementioned fairy Godmother whipped up the perfect messy beach waves.

• Instead of pumpkin, she is whisked away in an Old School orange Chevy Scout.

• It’s not a ball, it’s a beachside tiki bar playing reggae, with glassy uncrowded surf out front.

• Prince charming is there, having perfect etiquette and is ripping.

• She doesn’t lose a glass slipper, actually, she loses both her slippers and just leaves footprints in the sand, that the prince has to follow.

• She has to get the orange Chevy Scout back by sunset. Or else it turns into her old beach cruiser with a flat tire.


…I might have to think this one through a bit and nail down more details. But I’m thinking a Children’s book might be in the making here, folks.



*Thanks, Coolchange for the dress + Carve Designs for the bag. I honestly felt like quite the barefoot beauty here.  

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  • Heheheh !!! no Muumuus! 🌺🤙🏽 growing up in Hawaii I vowed never to use a Muumuu like my Mada 😬 although she had designer mUmus by Bette back in the 80s an they cost $100 at Carol an Mary Ala Moana . Along with her designer Gucci purse from Monaco where my dad had business conventions in Europe. I was a Sandy Bch groupie lived across the street in a beautiful home on the Hawaii Kai golf course. And tennis lessons at Punahou school . Wow 😮I had a glamorous beach 🏖 life !!! Luving aloha now on the big island . Aloha Oi an yes to swimsuits an bronzee shimmer suntans 🌊😎