No Makeup. No Bra. No Problem.

We just got back from Costa Rica, and I can say I thoroughly enjoyed putting zero effort into anything but soaking it all up.

I think I washed my face about four times in ten days, and my beauty routine consisted of showering, combing my hair and slathering on coconut oil when the day was done. I bought some waterproof mascara just for the trip and failed to even use that. Hallelujah.

I pretty much just rocked bikinis the entire time. or well-ventilated clothes over bikinis, and gosh, you know you’ve found your style when you just feel great and it takes very minimal effort. Not surprisingly, that seems to happen frequently in tropical locations.

Which, in the case of this getup was exactly the situation.

No makeup (except for salt, sand and humid air) No bra (only bikinis), No worries. (Except for who gets to surf next or who had Levi duty. Ok, and when we are going back.) I think I kept flip flop wearing to a bare minimum too.

Highly recommend it.

Less is more. Oh so more. Gracias to this beautiful tropical climate for always reminding me of that.


Thank you:

• Anna Kosturova ( for the crochet top)

• Mother Denim (For the shorts that are a few years old)

Puka Perri + Pearl Love  (For the necklaces I only took off to surf)

• Mother nature (for the tan and great lighting)

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