DIY Wish Anklet

Gotta love the simple wish bracelets and necklaces out there. They break off and you get the wish you wished for when you put it on…except for mine have never broken off, and by the time I have to take it off, I forget what the wish was. 

So who knows if they work. But they look cute.

Anyways, it’s time to give your ankles some wish granting capabilities, and subtle adornment. Even better, it’s super easy, and virtually free to make.

1: Grab a few long strands of sturdy thread that are long enough to loosely wrap and tie around your ankle.

2: Find a shell with a hole in it so you can string it. (Don’t have a shell, grab and old bead or charm. Something you don’t mind losing when the anklet breaks.)

3: String your shell so it sits in the middle of the thread.

4: Tie the ends together so they form a knot, securing the shell in place. (pictured above)

5: Tie on your ankle & make a wish..preferably for a new bikini, tropical getaway, or for an ice cold Caipirinha to magically appear in your hand.

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