DIY Palm Tree Print Jeans


I love palm trees. I would fly one over and plant it in my (non existent) back yard if I could. Heck, I even have one permanently on my arm. So, when a friend told me about a cool way to easily add any cool pattern to some old jeans. A little palm tree shaped light bulb illuminated over my head.

Alas, I present to you, and easy way to DIY some palm tree print jeans.

Tools: Old jeans, aluminun foil, bleach pen (maybe pick up two in case you go nuts)

1. On a flat space, lay out an old, yet clean pair of jeans.

2. Rip off some foil, then place it in the legs and in between the front and back of the jeans up by the waist. This makes a barrier so the bleach doesn’t run through to the other side of the jeans.

3. Grab a bleach pen, shake it up, and take yourself to palm tree ville. Really, they are easy to draw, just google palm tree image and use one of those results as a guide. I like my palms tall and skinny. So to draw one like mine, here’s what I did.

• Draw a long line

• Draw six lines short lines that burst out from the top of that long line at different angles.

• Now mess up those lines like you are scribbling downwards, this make it look like palm fronds.

4: Repeat all along the jeans in any pattern you want. I had them go vertically up the leg.

5. Let the bleach dry, then flip over and do the back. Be sure to put a few palm trees on your bum.

6. Let the bleach marinate for a few hours (I let mine sit for like 4) then wash, dry, and do a little barefoot dance, because your legs now feel like they are in kokomo. 

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