Easy Aloha Print Toes


So, these might be some of the easiest and happiest nails I’ve ever painted. All credit goes to not having time to paint murals on my toes these days, and an inability to commit to one polish color.  It all caused me to say what the heck. I’m just going to paint my toes a bunch of different colors with some simple flowers using dots. 

There. That was basically the directions.

I shall expand a bit.

Sidenote: What’s cool is they ended up reminding me of this one quilt we had when we lived in Hawaii. Each pattern was the same simple aloha print, but in different color combos. 

I loved that quilt. 

Maybe it’s why I love how these toes turned out.

Ok, on to the directions…

Here’s how to paint some easy aloha print toes. 

I (gasp) even took some direction pics…finally. So get ready for some up close awkward foot pics. And if the pics don’t make sense, my usual attempt at directions are below too.


Tools: Nail art kit // Nail Polish by Zoya and Julep

1: Paint each toe a different color. I recommend three darker bright colors (I used red, purple and dark green) and two light colors (I used white and yellow). Be sure your feet do not match ( i.e big toe is red on one foot, then is forth toe red on your other foot.) 

2. Now the Hibiscus – Grab a dotting tool and paint five dots in a circle wherever you want the flowers to be. (You can also use ball point pen or the end of a bobby pin.)  

3: Grab a needle or a toothpick and “pull” the middle of each dot into the middle of the circle of dots. That makes it look like a petal instead of a dot. 

4: For the hibiscus stamen, just paint a little cluster of tiny dots outside each flower. 

* Color combos: I did the following: Red with yellow flowers / yellow with red flowers / white with green flowers / green with white flowers / purple with white flowers

5: Let dry, then seal it with a super glossy topcoat, which for some reason smoothes the polish all together, and sets it, which makes the dots all look like flowers even more. 

6: Get ‘em nice and sandy, admire daily, and go barefoot as much as possible. The go look for a cool vintage Hawaiian quilt on ebay.


Dots can be so fun. 

So are bright happy feet. 

More of my nail art AQUI // You can also see them all over on instagram: #GoldfishKissToes

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