Nailing it lately.

Ok, somehow I’ve forgotten to share my latest, happy nail art shenanigans – that were all done imperfectly in an odd quasi yoga-like position that leaves me with a killer lower back cramp, but also serves as a great hip opener (one day I’ll take a pic.)

Give them a shot – pretty much every design is just a blob or a dot of some sort (don’t believe me, there are videos tutorials/time lapses of some of these designs if you swipe to the second slide in this post and this post, and this post.) Or drawn on with a marker, which is always a fun option.

Or at least start with pouring a little blob of paint on a postcard/notecard then dipping either a ballpoint pen or bobby in the blob, and doing some good ‘ol polka dots.

At least that’s where this odd hobby of mine started. Hey, it’s saved a lot of money, except for a lot of my polish is starting to dry out, and replacing it all might erase any savings.

I know it might seem odd, but happy feet and bright mismatches nails just pup a little pep in my step, and often makes the barista smile when I pick up my coffee. Hope they might in spire someone out there too.

And side note: anything with my fingernails, just know my other hand is usually just one solid bright color, and very rarely has the polish just on the mail. Definitely not ambidextrous in the nail art department. But it still works out.

More nail art posts aqui. 

I pretty much just use Zoya, Julep or Essie Nail polishes. If you have any favorites let me know. I know there are some cool new non-toxic brands out there I just keep forgetting to write them down. 


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