Hot Mess Hair

Gotta love when you find a quick under 2-minute hairdo to rock regularly. Yeah, it’s one part quasi chic twist, and one part “I swear I didn’t sleep in this overnight and was too lazy to undo my hair and function like a normal member of society again.” Which, in all honesty, is a look I tend to go for.

Quick, easy messy, but somehow still styling. It’s how I roll.

If the pictures above don’t make sense, here’s an attempt at directions. Basically you’re making a twisted looped side pony and then pulling the hair out/messing it up, then pinning the top part of the loop up.

Tools: Those little clear rubber bands, a few bobby pins, and some hair with some grit (aka dirty, if it’s not dirty I love using this stuff.)

1: Put hair in a low ponytail, but don’t pull it all the way through at the end. This way you’re left with a “loop.”

2: Now, you need to make a “hole” on the right side of that ponytail to pull that loop through. Literally part the red sea, stick your hand through and pull the loop through pulling it from one side, then out the other.

3: It’ll look weird right now, don’t worry.

4: Now pull out and mess up the loop you just pulled through. Same with the hair below it. This all creates an illusion of a killer messy french twist. It’s also why those little clear rubber bands are crucial/work so well for ‘dos like this.

5: Grab a bobby pin (Or two. I could only find one.) and pin up the top of that messy loop (and tuck in or pin any ends that might be popping out.)

6: Pull out some hair around your face, or wherever you want to soften the look.


High five for hot mess hair. That I miiiiiight be rocking a bit too frequently these days. Hey, at least I’m giving the top knot a rest.

Update: Here is a video (I chopped off 3 inches of my hair since I first made this post, but hopefully it helps anyone who has had trouble figuring out the ‘do.) Also, it kind of looks different every time I do it. But, it’s always a hot mess. in a good way.

More hair tutorials aqui – Will work on getting more videos for y’all too.

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