Beach Beauty: Polka dot toes

I’ve always wanted to have polka dot toes. They are too cute, not too over the top, and make me feel somewhat like a character on I Love Lucy. Imagine how thrilled I was to find this video  & learn that lots of items around the house can double as one of those fancy dotting tools they use in the nail salon to paint a mural on your big toe. Items such as – a bobby pin, ball point pen, straight pen, tooth pick or end of a makeup brush. It’s time to save some money, and spice up your piggies.

Easy Polka Dot Pedi

1. Apply base coat.

2. Paint your toes the way you normally do. Two coats. Let dry for a few minutes.

3. Pour a little glob of the color you want your dots to be on something you don’t mind being globbed on with nail polish. I used an old parking ticket.

4. Grab a ball point pin (cheap dried out ones are the best) and dip the point in the polish glob.

5. Lightly press the pen on your toe. Voila. Dottastic.

6. Repeat dotting process randomly on each toe until you are satisfied.

7. Let dry, then apply top coat – if you dare.

8. Watch this video if I made no sense, and enjoy having cute feet.

Polish I used in the pic: Creative nail designs: Hot Pop Blue & Essie Fiji for the dots.

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