5 simple healthy things to fall in love with


There are some interesting parallels to healthy living and having a positive outlook on life. If you count your blessings and find things to be grateful for, you tend to just be a wee bit happier than the person counting their haves and have nots. Same goes towards healthy living. Find some healthy things to love, and chances are you might end up feeling a wee bit more fantastic than the person obsessing over what they shouldn’t eat or do.

Basic principle: fill that glass more than half full of some good ‘ol optimism.

So, I felt like sharing five super simple things I’ve fallen in love with, or that have made healthy living just that more achievable. They might seem like no brainers. But, sometimes no brainers are what’s getting lost in the mass of information that’s out there nowadays when it comes to health and fitness.


1. Fresh Air  

Get outside. Drink it up. Get moving. Very rarely do you meet someone who loves being outside and isn’t a vibrant human being. You don’t have to be training to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro (Personal goal of mine btw) or some crazy race or triathlon. But a love for going for walks, runs, working out outside, taking your dog for a stroll, hikes, bike rides, or having some mindful minutes where you just soak up nature, breathe, and be reminded of how small you are – It’s unbelievable how grounding and powerful it can be. It’s called the great outdoors for a reason. It’s freaking great for you. Fall in love with it somehow.

2. Fruits and Veggies

Yum. Love them. I eat them at every meal and it feels off if there’s not some sort of color on my plate/in my bowl. I think the only things I love more than a bag of jalapeño kettle chips is a bowl full of cut up cucumbers and hummus or guac. (P.S. I can’t believe I just wrote that, but it’s the truth.) Yes, it takes more effort, but it is so much more satisfying (Actually I just heat up frozen veggies all the time, which requires minimal effort.) Veggie filled quinoa bowls, don’t get started. Smoothies = my daily pick me up. The cool thing is the more fruits and veggies you eat, the more you crave them, and the better you feel. Roast em, sauté them, chop em up and dip ‘em, mix em all together in a bowl, or blend them up. Deeeeeelishhhhh. You eat less sweets, feel fuller, your skin will love you, and so will your body. You don’t have to go on some crazy diet, but just figure out a way to love eating fruits and veggies.

3. Sweat

I absolutely love sweat. Always have, and always will. There’s something both sexy and satisfying to me when I stare at a sweat soaked old grey tee shirt after a butt kicking workout. Some people say sweat is fat crying. I say it’s your body crying tears of joy. ( I’m going have to turn that into a quote post I think.) Your body loves to move, be used, and put to work. Sweat is a sign that you’re doing just that. It’s also such a privilege. So figure out a way to sweat, and don’t be scared to sweat a ton. You can always shower if you stink. Actually, that part is recommended.

4. Water 

Chances are, if you love drinking water or being in water, you will be a healthier person. The domino effects of dehydration (increased cravings and appetite, gnarly skin problems, constipation, etc.) vs hydration (increased energy levels, decreased cravings, better overall mood and energy levels, plumper + clearer skin, digestion. I could go on and on.)…It’s kind of amazing. Whoa. Then, being in water. Don’t get me started. I think it’s the most calming and relaxing zen you can find. Bonus points if you’re on a board, but that’s a while other post. So I say be sure you’re showing H2O some love – Drinking it, slurping is, and savoring it. Then, try spending some QT surrounded by it too (swimming, diving, surfing, paddling, floating, splashing – or I swear just staring at it boosts my mood). Water. Fall in love with it. You will feel amazing.

…and last but certainly not least

5. Yourself 

Ok, I’m not talking a narcissistic type of self love, but seriously you got to fall in love with your body. Because it’s amazing. When you look at all the details of it and how it works, it’s hard not to love and appreciate such a finely manufactured machine. The worst thing to do, which more and more people are doing nowadays, is not love the amazing machine you’ve been blessed with, simply because you don’t look like someone else. Your body is sooooo much more that how it looks. It’s an astonishing machine capable of so many things, that is actually a total blast to take care of. So love it, love on that amazing body you’ve been blessed with, and you’ll find yourself appreciating it more, valuing it more, and taking care of even more. Plus, it’s the only one you’ve got, so might as well love the hell out of it.

There you go. Hopefully that wasn’t too preachy. I tend to get all revved up when I write about health. 

So cheers to falling in love with fresh air, fruits and veggies, sweat, and yourself. Love one, love a few, or love ‘em all. Yes, it might sound simple, but trust me, your body can’t wait to write them some love letters soon.

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  • Re-Reading this laying in bed waiting for my husband’s alarm clock to go off and listening to my baby snore a little. I find myself getting so caught up in everyone else I forget about myself. Love this and thank you! Ready to make a green smoothie for breakfast to share with my baby girl.