Beach Waves. Try ’em.

It’s been about four years since I did a tutorial on how to do some flat iron beach waves. Seeing that this is the number one way I’ve done my hair over the past four years, I just figured it was a good time for a refresh. Plus I’ve kind of changed my technique, and products to have more of the whole lived-in look, etc. (Note: I learned a ton of them from Sarah Pestella – Who just opened Level 10 Salon in the Destin area. Whenever we can go to salons again – I’m using tons of will power to not give my bangs a late-night trim or do a root touch up via the drugstore – I can’t recommend her or anyone she’s trained, enough.

Ok, but the main point is this 1: Taking a few minutes to get some salty messy waves is a good pick me up and mood boost. And…2: I know we all can’t go to the beach (which is the best way to get beach waves) so figured now might be a good time to at least figure out how to make some waves that help replicate that feeling.

I shall be keeping this post short because I (gasp) actually made a tutorial video over on IGTV.

Fun times. And good hot mess lived-in wavy hair days to help bring a little sunshine to these interesting times.


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Ok, a bunch of you’ve asked for this for a while…so I FINALLY did a tutorial on how I do my beach waves with a flat iron (Aka the quick way) 👊 A few notes: I apparently hold my breath when filming myself so apologies for sounding like I just did a dozen push up the whole time. Please try to ignore the stray sparklers – I haven’t colored my hair since December, and a lot of the tips I learned from @saramay_level10 ☀️ Also, thanks to ABC Mouse for keeping Levi occupied during the high tech filming of this expertly crafted video. 🤓Thanks for watching and for requesting. I’m honored people like my messy wave-y mop, and hope this helps. Oh yeah, actually taking the time to do my hair (It’s been a few weeks) definitely put a little much needed pep in my step. So thanks for that too. On that note, I say now is a good time to give ‘em a shot. 😉🌴☀️

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*If you have any questions about products, etc., just lemme know and I’ll get back to you. 


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