Messy Desk Update

I keep on telling myself to keep it simple and do some quick paintings…then these happen. They’re kind of all over the place, and in the end, they just make me want to paint more. I wish there was an extra hour in each day so I could do just that.

Fun note: That first piece was my venture back into a larger format. Ohh yeah, it’s been a while. It’s a big canvas I covered in some watercolor ground so I was able to paint on it. Yup. Definitely, need to keep on venturing to the larger formats. Or at least nicer paper. Canvas felt good. Oh man, that’s going to take lots of paint. Which means more trips to the art supply store. Wins across the board.

So here’s the latest:

• A larger painting called ” It was all a dream” (not gonna lie, the island looking like a fish totally bugs me.)

• A vintage Bardot pic called ” Made in the Shade”…with a bunch of blooms. Love that hat.

• Low tide in Moorea. It’s called “Reflect and Bloom” The reflecting was a doozie.

Fun times. Gosh, I love painting.

Cleaning u0 y messy desk? Not so much.


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  • It would be awesome to post some watercolor tutorials or helpful watercolor videos! I am dabbing back in to watercolor after 20 years and love to learn from artists I love 🙂