For A Special Occasion


A friend of mine (who is ridiculously chic, and styles Sheiks, CEOs, celebs and people with special credit cards) once gave me a great styling tip: You don’t have to save the nice stuff for a special occasion. Wear it, love it, and wear it some more. Whereas my instinct = to sit and stare at it in my closet and worry about ruining it…or hoping for a special occasion to actually wear it.

Which brings me to this skirt. It was a gift from Anna Kosturova, and it took my breath away when I opened the box. Well, I’ve been sitting and staring at it, and admiring it for way too long. I have zero social life, so an event wasn’t happening, and I didn’t want to stand out at church too much.

Then I remembered the words from my ridiculously chic pal, and also had a realization: every outing to the beach is a special occasion. So I rocked the darn thing yesterday (which happened to be Levi and I’s last beach day together, just the two of us, in Florida). It was my coverup to and from the beach. I twirled in the salty breeze for a bit, I (of course) took a ton of pics, and you know what? I had a little extra pep in my step. And I plan on rocking this beauty more regularly now. Maybe even with rain boots and a sweater when in Seattle. Just not on an actual rainy day. Don’t want to ruin it.

Moral of the story: 1: ridiculously chic friends give great style advice, and 2: every day can have some special occasion in it. Whether it’s a pair of crazy shoes, a bold lipstick, some fancy jeans, or a neon tie dyed silk wrap skirt…I’m pretty sure you can find a reason to rock it.

Thank you Anna Kosturova for the skirt. I promise to rock it more regularly now.

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