Happy Abstract Random Toes

One day I’ll return to painting my toes all one print. Promise. But in the meantime toes like these are too darn fun and easy. The main thing is deciding on the color scheme, then it’s all just different combinations of dots lines and different blobs.

A Few Tips:

• good opaque polish helps – I pretty much only use Zoya and Julep polishes.

• I invested in a nail art kit similar to this a few years ago (it cost under $10 and is just dotting tools and some brushes), which was a game-changer.

• I use an old hang tag or business card as a “palette” aka where I put the little blobs of whatever polish I’m using.

• The rest is just different size blobs, lines and dots, and a little creativity.

Ok on to the directions

Random Abstract Happy toes:

Colors used: White, peach, pink, charcoal gray, yellow, dark blue. 

For the floral toes: Flowers = five dots in a circle with one different color dot in the middle. The bigger the flower, the bigger the dot, and vice versa. Then I did a few little leaves coming out of the sides which were just tiny little dark blue brush strokes. Experiment with placement – put them all over, or just a few on the top and bottoms, only have half a flower on the side of the nail. Paint some on a bare nail for a cool effect ( my big right toe). Paint little black dots on top of a flower ( my big left toe). You got it. Have fun.

The lemon toes: Paint the nail peach then paint a few little yellow dots (preferably not a perfect circle.) Now, grab a small nail art brush, and paint two itty bitty l’il leaves coming out of the top. When life gives you lemons, put some on your toes.

The abstract toes: These are sooo easy it’s fun. Paint toes white, then paint a peach stroke coming down from the top, then a pink stroke coming from one side, and then finally a tiny little yellow stroke from another side. Now, go in with tiny dotting tool and put some itty bitty black dots in some of the leftover white space. Done. Joan Miro would be proud.

Abstract line toes: Paint toes yellow, then draw a black diagonal line through the middle. Paint half the background white, and put little blue dots on it. Then paint one diagonal peach line through the yellow half of the nail.

Let polish dry (I’ll sometimes wait 30 minutes or more just to be safe) and seal it all off with some glossy topcoat. This step also tends to make the nail art look much better too.

See, there really is no right or wrong way to do them. Your toes will look happy and you’ll be the hit at yoga class, the beach, dancing around at home, or wherever you tend to roam about barefoot (which in my case is anywhere possible.)

Give ’em a shot. Even if it’s just one style on all your piggies.

Hey, I started out teaching myself nail art just by doing polka dot toes (I posted them on here about 8 years ago. Fun times)…and now it’s a full-fledged (and yes I know, somewhat odd) hobby.

Or who knows maybe one day I’ll have a little traveling airstream that’s a nail art salon/art/gallery/beach gear shop.

Just putting it out there…

More Nail Art aqui.

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