41 thoughts for 41 years.

Well, I am 41 today. Which is pretty cool and I shall shout it from the top of my digital lungs. I never quite understood why a woman wants to hide her age or be ashamed of it. It’s as if society thinks death would be better than being a year older, wiser, and cooler, with even more stories to share. Nope, I’m loving it.

I don’t really have anything profound to say, forced inspirational quotes make me want to roll my eyes nonstop nowadays,  and basically each year I realize I don’t know that much but am just learning new ways to enjoy life. So, I figured I’d just write down 41 quick thoughts for 41 years. (Maybe something like this would be more profound when I hit 40, but I forgot.) I kept them quick, spontaneous, not cohesive or thematic in any way, but still feels good to just sit down and think for a bit…

So, here we go. Vamos a’ my brain…

• I’d choose to spend money on travel over a facial or massage any day.

• Starbucks isn’t that good, and it’s overpriced, yet I still drink it a few times a week

• If I could do it over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. Even my perms in 4th and 5th grade. Ok I”d wear more sunscreen on my neck and chest.

• Never miss an opportunity to go for a run in the rain

• And always stay up late on a rainy night to see what ideas those drops inspire (I’m doing that now)

• I just want to know what it feels like to wake up in an overwater bungalow and go do a cannonball off my deck first thing in the morning

• And I also want to camp out under the northern lights, even if it means freezing my ass off

• My son’s laugh is the greatest medicine

• I’m convinced all dogs are superheroes

• Taco Bell somehow manages to always taste great. Always.

• My favorite memories are doing simple things in beautiful places.

• I look happier, younger, and way more stylish with bangs.

• It feels good to know I squatted close to what my max was in college…last week.

• I’m kicking myself for not learning Spanish – but am in the process of learning it.

• Mais, j’adore que je peux parle Francaise un peu quand c’est necessaire.

• The 70’s was the best decade for music and fashion and lots of other things

• If I could have lunch with any famous actor, dead or alive, it’d be Robin Williams

• Waynes World still cracks me up, and I could watch Forrest Gump and Moneyball on repeat.

• Cashmere is always worth the investment

• Same with Japanese denim (Ahem, Moussy)

• However, it’s rarely worth paying full price for any clothing or car. (Buy it gently used.)

• I will never know what it feels like to have a clean & organized Pinterest worthy house

• …but I will be able to find beauty in my everyday mess and imperfectness

• The quickest way to cheer up is to do something nice for someone else

• I just want to have a dance party and drink coffee with Goldie Hawn someday

• Reading a book is way better than watching a movie on a plane.

• The random goal for the next few decades = learn to play the guitar and write my own songs.

• I’m accepting that I’ll probably never be famous, and that’s a good thing.

• There’s nothing wrong with trying to give the old barn some new paint (aka my thoughts on aging gracefully)

• God is good. So good. Even when he makes no sense.

• Turns out nice shoes are in fact a good investment and last a long time. Especially cowboy boots.

• The inside of a banana peel does in fact help whiten your teeth.

• You don’t need a ton of makeup – keep it simple and glowy. Then bust out a smokey eye or red lip for a special occasion.

• Sweat isn’t fat crying, it’s your body crying tears of joy.

• Quotes about “you have to do what makes you happy” Make me cringe. That ain’t life.

• Oversharing is overrated.

• It feels great to laugh until you cry and also feels great to cry until you laugh

• We are all loved and more “enough” than we will ever know.

• Men might get better looking as they age, but women get way more interesting.

• A massive breakfast burrito is worth every damn calorie.

• You’re never too old to wear a bikini.

• Life’s a wild ride. Be sure to wear a good helmet.

Cheers to 41 and another trip around the sun. And who knows what I’ll learn, or realize I still have yet to learn, in this next year.

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