Happy Feet

When I was trying to figure out how to paint my toes yesterday, I hit a bit of a creative block. Tropical print? Naw, need to take a break. Ugly Sweater toes? Not until after Thanksgiving. Just paint them one color? NEVER! So, I decided to just make the world a little brighter, and paint some happy stuff on my feet. 

Figured since they make me smirk when I look at them, maybe they’ll brighten up someone’s day too. My leathery feet, not so much. 

Anywho shall you want to paint some happy piggies, here’s my attempt at instructions. 

Pick five things that make you happy (I did a rainbow, blue skies with clouds, palm tree, smiley face, and flowers.) Then, paint one toe on each foot with a different smile inducing motif.

Rainbow: Paint toe white, then using a nail art brush, paint a curved red line, then yellow, then blue, then purple. No need to do the entire rainbow just do colors you have. Throw in a little flying bird. Done.

Smiley face: Paint toe yellow, and use black polish for the face: a dotting tool for two little eyes, and then paint the smile with your nail art brush. Note I found this to be extremely hard to do the smile part of the smiley face. I repainted it times then accepted that it’s just going to look a bit tipsy.

Sky with clouds: Paint toes baby blue, then do a few fluffy clouds just by overlapping a few big white dots to make a cluster.

Flower print: Paint toes bright red, then use a dotting tool to paint a flower.  A flower is just five dots in a circle with a dot in the middle of them that’s a different color. 

Palm tree: Paint toe a purple color, then using a nail brush paint a little palm tree – aka a curved little line with five tiny brush strokes coming out of the top.

Let polish dry for a minute then seal with a glossy top coat.


Now go dance around barefoot while listening to Happy. Yes, that song by Pharrell. Although, I tend to like dancing to Come Get It Bae even more, so feel free to dance to that jam too. 

More of my nail art AQUI

Tools: Winstonia Nail art kit // Nail Polish by Zoya and Julep 

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