Jenny Bird’s the Word.

Here’s another backyard throw a sheet over the fence high tech shoot coming at ya. This time it’s all about da jewels.  Jenny Bird, sent me some jewels to style, and well they’re just the kind of simple but different things you just want to slather on. Especially if an avocado pendant is concerned. Yes, that’s what that cute little green thing is. Also, an anklet bangle = brilliant. Ankles like to party too. Especially mine.

Anywho, Jenny Bird is a self-taught artist based in Toronto who started her line in 2008 and her designs are now rocked all over the globe. Gotta love when that happens. Some stuff is pretty bold, some simple, but it all kind of just works, and to put it quite frankly it’s kind of a badass line.

I know this all would look awesome at the beach all salty, sandy, and stuff (ahem, this earring shot from last fall), but I am also kinda loving making the most out of my backyard for a shoot these days. It’s just…easy.

And it’s also fun to write about something I love and love to layer, and that’s rad jewelry.

Those hoops though. Holla.

Shop ’em all, or just pick up a mood-boosting charm here (Avo and Rainbow are pictured, also an egg, banana, and slice of pizza – all designed by the amazingly talented artist, Rachel Joanis – be sure to check out her work.)


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