Kate Davis X Goldfish Kiss


Now here’s some jewelry to get REALLY excited about….

Kate Davis X Goldfish Kiss – Find me in the sea.

It’s a handmade collection by Jewelry Designer (and fellow ocean lover) Kate Davis. We worked together (Ok, Kate is insanely creative and all I did was say yeah that’s rad, or yep, that’s amazing, or let’s go with turquoise) to create a collection that had my vibe and was inspired by the place we both love to be, the sea.

We’re talking hand made, made to order pieces like: a necklace cast from a stingray barb (yes it’s sharp. Literally and figuratively) a Cocotier Wrap (Julien at French Words will be stoked about this), a turquoise fish anklet, and even some bangles with cast shark vertebrae.

Freaking fishtastic.

The pieces have the feel of reefs, tropical fish colors, bright blues and pops of neon…and everything is meant to be playful and bring to mind a tropical fun vibe. It makes me happy, and I am so flattered to be a part of this collaboration. 

So, go get your tropical fun vibe on. It’s a great vibe to wear.

And I should add that Kate is just a really, really, rad and talented gal. With a really cool Canadian accent.

Fun times. 

Shop the Kate Davis x Goldfish Kiss Collection Here. 

Check out the rest of the lookbook pics over at goldfishkissgoods.com

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