Kate Davis Blues


I pretty much jump for joy anytime Kate Davis Jewelry wonders if I could take some pics of her creations. Yes, I know these pieces deserve sunshine a natural tan. Ok, some idyllic setting like the Maldives or Seychelles of something would be a good pairing in the backdrop department too. But, I guess there’s something to say about how they make sitting next to the one window in our home that gets good natural light on a Winter Washington day look remotely beachy too.

Kate, you’re brilliant, Love styling your handmade blues.

* Random Q&A time: The number one question I get about necklaces layering is how to wear them without getting tangled: the key is to wear different lengths and different chain types. That’s it. So think – a long, beaded one, then a choker and mid length pendant on a chain. Or trial and error always work well too. I’ve definitely made some epic tangled messes so many times I’ve lost count.

Understated Leather coat, Niyama Soul tank, Kate Davis Jewels

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