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I don’t really consider myself a professional photographer, just a person who really really loves taking pics, and sharing my perspective of the world in my own way (Just ask my husband. I always have a camera on me. Always.) So to be featured on the Leica Camera blog today…well, let’s just say I am rather honored, extremely flattered, and pinching myself as I read it.

So go give it a read, and check out the pics (a few of my favorites from the post are above.) 

Thanks Leica for a great post, for such incredible cameras, and for letting me demo such a sweet waterproof camera this past year (The post is about how I used the Leica X-U, their underwater/weather-proof camera, over the past year or so. I’ll gladly test out any of their cameras anytime.) 

One final random note: I kind of pride myself on taking my own pics for this blog. I think it’s empowering, gives this site a little different perspective, helps me get creative, and has really helped me develop as a photographer over the past six years too. Especially in the autotimer/wifi app photography. So maybe my stubbornness in not asking for help too much is a good thing. Or is finally starting to pay off. Or will be my ultimate downfall. We shall see. Just hopefully this inspires someone out there to just keep on taking pics, and sharing what you love and what inspires you. Autotimer, way too many feet pics, face cropped off shots, no makeup sandy wet hair shots, and awkward one arm stretched out to get the perfect angle shots included. 

Yay art. Yay photography. Yay Leica. 

Ok, go read it now

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