Low side pull through braid. With a lob.


If you see me doing my hair like this rather frequently, It’s because 1: it’s super easy and 2: Looks like I have a lot more hair (and really know how to style it well) than I actually do. Ok, those are just two reasons why I love pull through braids. And this is just a different, lower, sideways version of it.

That looks really good when wearing a big hat.


Basically, the entire principle of a pull through braid, is you don’t braid at all, you just make two ponytails, spread the first one apart, pull the second up in between the first, then bring the first one back, grab a little more hair, and make another pony tail. and repeat until You’re done.

Yay that sounded like I was speaking Latin!

The best instructions (and gorgeous do) I found were on this youtube video. Notice her use of a hair clip. This helps a TON. I just used a bobby pin, since I have hair that’s as thick as a two year old.

…go check out this video. there’s a reason it’s been viewed more than 4 million times. Bravo Annie. Bravo.

Next instructions:  My step by step pics above. Which are proof it works with a lob. Which I am proud of. So check it out.

And the most confusing instructions: here’s my attempt at explaining in a concise manner.

Tools: Clear little rubber bands. Yes they sometimes snap. There’s a reason a box of 200 costs a buck. Bobby pins.

Start with some dirty hair that’s been brushed, feel free to add a good texturizer spray too. (I LOVE this stuff)

Grab a small section of hair at the nape of your neck and secure in a low ponytail, make another low pony tail right next to it using the same amount of hair.

Spread the first ponytail in half, then pull the second ponytail back through the first and pin the second pony tail up and out of the way.  

Grab the first ponytail, add some more hair from the next section of hair over, and secure in a new ponytail.

Now unpin that second pinned ponytail you had, spread it apart, and pull this next ponytail through, pin out of the way, grab some hair, and secure in pony tail…

Repeat this whole process until you’ve gone all along the bottom of your head.

Secure the ends in side ponytail.

Now go in and pull the hair out a bit and make it messy. This is what gives it that full of volume look, and when those little clear rubber bands are miracle workers.

Tuck that end of your final side ponytails back and under the big, messy braid, and secure with a bobby pin or two.


Congrats, Your hair looks rad. And yes, lobs can still be quite fun in the updo department.


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