Remember to look up and Smile.

Sometimes the best ideas just hit you over the head out of nowhere, and really are quite simple. Such is the case with my beloved little Palm Tree Smile artwork, photo, design…whatever you want to call it.

Well, If you happen to get the SWELL catalog this month, a post card, juuuuust might happen to fall out, surprise you as you turn the pages, or arrive in your mailbox if you have a cool thoughtful friend who wants to brighten your day.

So, I figured I’d let you all in on the story behind the design that’s been making the rounds. Because I kind of love it.

In Hawaii, the beach park by my house had a gorgeous palm tree (one of the tall skinny swaying ones) that I’d go sit under after a long day, or just to take a nap, read a book, etc. I always took a bunch of pics of it, especially at sunset, because it would be a perfect silhouette. The tree (and palm trees in general) made me smile. Then I realized, in the pics where it was just the tree, well, heck it could double as the letter i. The tree made me smile, it’s also an i. Yhatzee, we have a winner.  I made the graphic and posted it.  No more lonely palm tree pic, and instead it’s something that is making people smile all over.

Which I absolutely love.

Prints, cell phone cases, shirts, heck even pillows of it, are available at

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