Puppy Prints.

The Pup and I had a little DIY time, and I am a just a wee bit smitten on how this “painting” turned out. So I thought I’d share how to do it, in case anyone out there has a puppy, and wants to preserve some of their insane cuteness before they quadruple in size overnight. You could also do this with any grown up dog. Even a Mastiff. You’ll just need some really big watercolor paper.

Here’s how to do the easy, yet oh so nostalgic, DIY art.

Tools: Large piece of thick watercolor paper. Little bowl of water, Watercolors, a watercolor brush, and your beloved K9 companion.

1: Dip your pet’s paws in some water.

2: Let them walk around on the paper, which will leave a bunch of water prints.

3: Dip a wet watercolor brush in some color, then color in the wet prints. *It helps to have a picture of their paw prints on hand, in case everything looks like a bog blob. So if you happen to see paw prints anywhere (walking on the beach, muddy paws on something, walking on cement after being in wet grass, etc., snap a quick pic for reference.)

4: Fill in as many prints as you want, and don’t be scared to layer some colors on top of each other.

5: Let dry, and add in a few more prints if you feel like it. It looks cool to have some super light ones, and some bold, multi colored ones.

6: Sketch in some outlines on a few prints with a thin black ink pen (This is optional, I just like how it looks mixed in with the paint)

7: Sign “Art by _____” (insert dog’s name) 

8: Done.

Give the pup a treat, and yourself one as well. A frame perhaps? 🙂

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