Banging Bronde

Ok, It feels weird posting so many up close and personal hair pics, but I got a fresh new cut and color for Fall and I freaking love it. Especially how it looks tied up in a top knot, which, let’s be honest, is how I have my hair 90% of the time.

Here’s what went down at zee salon.

Cut: We did the Heidi Klum July 2003 Elle magazine bangs (my forever muse in the bang department) with a mermaid shag.

Color: Went for a darker root but with some pops of color around the face and at the ends. It’s like a fall bronde.

Glamourous iPhone shoot location: I realized that our garage has great lighting, so yes that’s a lawnmower and my paddleboard in the background.

Cheers to fun times having fun with hair.

Cut and Color by Erica Rachelle 

More hair looks and transformations aqui. 

**Fun new Jewelry by Kozakh

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