Shelluva Cool hair tie

Ok. DIYs with me these days must take under 5 minutes to complete. So, I think I did this one in less than five seconds. You can take me away from the beach, but you can’t take the shells out of my hair. (Even though I think this is the first time I’ve worn a shell in my hair.)

I love the little clear elastics, mainly because you can’t see them in your hair. I also love shells. Because…life. Well, if you find a shell with any sort of hole in it, or a cowrie shell, just take one of those little clear rubber bands, loop it through that hole, and tighten it. Boom. Easiest cute l’il shell hair tie ever.

Here are some actual instructions again, just in case.

• Grab a shell with a hole in it (I used a flat cowrie) and a clear elastic hair rubber band (Ok, you can use any thin hair tie, really. I just like the clear ones so it’ll look like a shell is floating in your hair.)

• Thread the elastic band through the hole/opening in the shell.

• Pull until it’s tight. It’ll look like a hair tie with a shell dangling off of it.

• Secure that messy pony/half updo/braid with the aforementioned subtle yet beachy hair tie.

• Don’t be surprised if someone says ” Excuse me, but I think you have a shell stuck in your hair.” And you can proudly explain, Yes it was a DIY that too me less than five seconds.

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