A moodboard and some thoughts

I’ve been in one of those slumps lately – lots of overthinking, mixed with the usual self-doubt and sprinkling of sleepiness, throw in a bit of frustration too, and yet a heap of happiness that it’s Spring. This wonderful recipe whips up an I can’t focus for the life of me or get anything done casserole. A few hours ago I literally walked around our home six times in a row trying to remember what I needed to do (trim Levi’s toenails, because he was trying to trim them with his teeth.)

But then today turned into a sunny day, and I was like, you know what, life’s pretty sweet, and if there’s one thing I know I can do, it makes a damn tasty looking mood board. So here you go. This kind of stuff makes me happy. And the theme is spring.


I know in blog world I should have a planned out posting schedule, a photographer (or significant other who is blessed behind the lens) ask you all questions so you’ll leave comments, have inspirational quotes seeping out my pores, all content has the same color tone, use all the buzz words, have calls to action…oh gosh the list goes on an on. And…I just can’t hang. I’m honestly lucky if I get a few posts up a week and can find a damn nail clipper these days.

It’ll get better, and for once I’m giving myself time. I think I really, really need to get out of the city for a day – A big thing with this move is going from a small beach town to a big city. Oh, how traffic is such a waste of life. Yup, a day trip is just what the Dr. ordered.

There. End quick rant.

So here you go, in typical Rebekah Steen blogging fashion, a totally non-planned post that corresponds well with life: All over the place, and searching, but realizing there’s soo much beauty amongst the frustration if you just take a step back and look at how the pieces are, in fact, coming together

Or, to keep it brief. Some days just call for a mood board.

None of the photos in the mood board are mine (I found them all over on my Pinterest) Sending a ( hopefully not too awkward) bear hug to each person behind each image. You’re beautiful, inspiring, and I hope you know it.

More mood boards aqui // And for those who’ve asked, I make all of these in photoshop. While listening to my Kaleo channel on spotify.

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  • I hope you know that every reason you just gave for why your blogging style isn’t the typical blogging style is why we all love you so much!!! In a virtual world where blog posts are meticulously planned perfection, it’s so important for us all to relate on a realistic level and you give us everything… the ups, the downs, the laughter and tears and everything in between!!!

    • I really needed to read that…and remind myself I am just a one person operation on here too (Ok I did hire someone to help redo the blog back in December.) So glad you are loving the blog and can relate. I truly love creating this thing, so it means so much to read that. Thanks Mary!

  • Screw all the stuff you’re “supposed” to do. Your blog is the best blog because you’re authentic!!! Take all the time in the world; your blend of art, photography, style, etc- all the good stuff, will prevail. Unlike so many blogs out there, the ones that have to adhere to these darn rules, you have the freedom to create as it suits you, and that’s what I love about your work. Life happens and it’s better when life is lived not just for reporting on blogs, for likes, for Instagram, all that stuff… but when it happens authentically, and you can then post about it, that’s when the best “content” comes along.

    • Thank you sooooo much Natasha! I really needed that reminder, and it’s crazy how much more fun it is for me too when I’m sharing something out of inspiration or just because I like it or am feeling a certain way vs out of obligation.

      • Anytime!!! Been reading for years because you do a phenomenal job here. You live an unconventional and inspiring life; the beauty of art is that it isn’t a stationary thing. The muse is fickle; take your time and enjoy the process!

  • I’ve been following your blog for years now, from when I was living in Northern CA in college (I think around the time you were in Seattle?) to now I’m living with a husband and baby in Colorado what feels like a million miles from my family. I love the authenticity of your writing and your tropical Hawaii vibes reminds me of my life in Southern California. Also if you ever are so inclined, a Colorado travel guide would be rad. Thank you for what you do.

    • Thank you so much for following all these years, means so much to know you still love it! And I’ll work on a Colorado Travel guide for sure, or at least where I’ve been in my past visits. (I kind of just hide out my parents!)

  • For all the above “should haves” that you think you need on your blog, but don’t, is exactly why you are my all time favorite. Always keepin it real and that’s what I appreciates most bout yous Rebekah 🙂

  • Oh please please never conform to some bland cookie cutter blog. They are based on an unreal illusion of a perfect life that I have zero interest in! I want messy, colorful, heartfelt realness! And your blog is unapologetically you and that is honestly what I love about it and what brings me back to it over any other blog!

    • Promise to never conform! (It’d be an epic and awkward fail on my part for sure!) Thanks for the encouragement and for loving this site. I really needed it!