Bloomin Toes

My feet don’t smell like roses, but they look like they possibly could. Yep. I figured since it’s spring, and I found yet another floral print on pinterest I love, ‘twas time to attempt to recreate it on my piggies. 

Yes the print is much cooler than the nail art attempt, but my feet make me happy, and this one was really quite simple to do.

• Paint toes a bright baby blue color (I used Blu by Zoya)

• Grab a dotting tool ( or a ball point pen), a piece of plastic or cardboard, a bunch of fun bright colors, and some white polish. 

• Now let’s create the roses. All you do is put a blob of the color of the rose you want and a blob of white next to it. Then, just put your dotting tool in both, and make a flower with the now swirled polish. 5 dots in a small circle = a flower. Repeat with as many colors you want – I did a purple, pinkish red, yellow, orange and royal blue…in a random placement on all toes.. 

• Then go in with a nail art brush and paint some stems and leaves coming out of the rosebuds. 

• Let dry then seal with a glossy topcoat.

• Feel free to put some sort of great smelling flowery foot cream on, then your feet will not only look, but smell like roses too.

All the colors I used are by Zoya and Julep. All are non-toxic. High five. Mayde Australia towel.

Get up close and personal with my leathery feet ,and check out more of my nail art post here

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