Stress Relief Shells

Wanted to share a lovely little visual reminder that sitting down, unplugging, and zoning out to paint or draw on some shells is great stress relief. Ok, it also helps me when I’m missing the beach.

Anywho all of these little nuggets were adorned by doing the following:

1: Just pick up a blue, black or white or whatever color sharpie and doodle away. Work with the curves, seams, and shape of the shell for the full boho effect.

2: If it’s a porous shell you can watercolor on it. High five. Then It’s also fun to layer some white paint or a white sharpie on top.

3: The daisy one was nail polish. So there’s that too.

…miiiight need to head back to Florida soon to pick up some more shells at my old stomping grounds. Given this past hurricane season on the Gulf Coast, I think a few might’ve washed up.

Cheers to crafts that bring a little whoosaahh to our minds these days.

And to anything that brings the beach a little closer to home. Now, need to find a way to turn a few of these into necklaces or something…

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