Bouquet toes

Well, I caved and finally bought an “official” nail art kit. I don’t know why it took me so long to do this, considering it cost $9 on Amazon. So yeah, I’ve been having some fun playing around with it. Case in point: these piggies. They all are pretty much me using different size dotting tools, then going in and painting a few little green leaves. Then a few more dots. 

That pretty much just summed up my instructions, but here they are again, in case you wan to give it a shot.

• Paint nails with a base coat, then a bright orangish red color.

• Then you are going to paint the following dots randomly around your toes:

• Three BIG baby blue dots together in one cluster = blue flowers. 

• Three SMALLER peach dots right next to the big blue flower = little peach flowers.

• Then ITTY BITTY dots in the middle of those flower clusters, in whatever colors you want. I did yellow and purple = The dot clusters now look like a flower.

• Grab a nail art brush and paint little green brush strokes around the flowers = leaves. 

• And finally, if you haven’t painted enough dots, go in and just add some random itty bitty blue dots on top and around the flowers and leaves to add some dimension. 

• Let dry then slap on a glossy topcoat. 


I haven’t had this much fun painting polka dots in a while. And my toes look like some type of summer bouquet wallpaper. Cha ching. 

I even threw in an accent nail. And actually painted my fingernails too. Which will all probably be picked off in less than 24 hours. Hence, why I stick to toes. 

Winstonia Nail art kit // Nail Polish by  Zoya and Julep // Mayde Australia Towel // Mother Denim sweats

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