These itty bitty shells speak my

These itty bitty shells speak my love language in a big way.

So here’s the story about these little micro shells that a lady (who was also looking for them) told me: Big storms stir up the ocean floor, which causes these little fellas to get whisked up to the surface, and washed ashore in the storm surge. Then, after the water recedes, the top layer of sand is filled with them. But, it’s not up by the shoreline, it’s usually way up towards the start of the beach, or the middle of it. 

So basically they are little diamonds in the rough that were forced out of their comfort zones, can be easily overlooked, but are treasures for people who love  to stop and look for the little things to love. 

Please feel to read into that metaphor.

You can learn a lot from shells.

Especially the itty bitty ones.

So, if you are ever in Navarre Beach and see a mom crouched down with her face a few inches from the sand, more than likely with a red headed toddler mimicking her (or riding on her back like a horse)…c’est moi. 

Micro shelling. It might look goofy, but these little beauties are worth it. And when you happen to find one in your pocket a few days later, they will definitely make you smile. 

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