A Typical Day


So, I’ve received quite a few emails asking how I manage my mom/work/life and what my daily eating habits are like. I was on the fence about writing about it, mainly because I know there are people with waaaaay more on their plates, and people who know waaaay more about nutrition. I also never want to sound like a person who thinks they have it all figured out. Because I definitely don’t. I’m just always finding out what works for me, and tweaking accordingly.

But, when it comes down to it, I think a typical day is pretty darn amusing, and I love good food. Also, I’m super flattered anyone would want to know this kind of stuff, and also think it’s cool to share it. So I figured I’ll just stop overthinking things and jot it all down for ya.

Here it is. A typical day, broken down by the hours, (or close to that)…and I’ll throw in the meals, snacks and drinks too.

This is actually something I need to do because I honestly have no clue where the days go. Levi is at a super fun age (or is that every age?), and it seems like I snap my fingers..then the day it’s over. And we go through a lot of food too.

Note: The funny thing is everything will probably change a month from now, because that’s how it works. I have a schedule nailed down and boom, it all changes again. But here’s what it’s like right now: Wintertime in NW Florida, Working from home with two year old (and four year old pup.)

7:30 am: Wake up – Levi is my alarm clock. If I was smart, I’d wake up at 5 or so to get stuff done before this. But I need sleep (you’ll see why later). If he wakes up before 7:30 I am pretty much a zombie. We read books in his room for a while. Then go out and make breakfast around 8.

Drink: Always drink a large glass of water with some lemon first thing, then a cup of (strong) coffee with a scoop of collagen peptides, 1tbs coconut oil and a splash of almond milk.

Breakfast: 1-2 pieces of super good grainy toast (I love Dave’s Killer Bread 21 Whole grains 7 Seeds) with Kerry Gold Irish butter, ½ an avocado, 2 eggs fried or scrambled in coconut oil, and a handful of blueberries. I love breakfast. And eating fat apparently.

Smoothie: I’ll also make a big ass smoothie in the Vitamix that’s pretty much all frozen fruit, a little oatmeal and chia seeds, with a splash of almond milk, juice and water. Levi and I will go through it throughout the day.

8:30 – 9:30ish – Eat Breakfast/get ready/try to squeeze in a few minutes of the Today Show/read more books/scramble around wondering where time is going…then walk the dog – Eating breakfast sometimes takes a while and then we all brush our teeth, wash our face, and maybe have a dance party. I’ll change into workout gear (I rarely look put together before 2pm), and we take Kili for her walk – She needs 45 minutes of exercise a day so we’ll walk around the neighborhood or drive down the the beach and I’ll sneak her on so she can run. (Levi hangs out in my ergo when we go to the beach for a Kili walk since it’s hard to chase after a toddler and a 70lb pup who wants to say hi to anything that moves.)

10:30ish – 12:30 – Lift or Beach – If it’s a lifting day I’ll head to the YMCA so Levi gets some kiddo play time while I get my meathead time. If it’s a non lift day we’ll head to the beach to play and I’ll also try and take pictures really quickly for the blog if I need to shoot anything.

Snack: Will chug some of that smoothie I made, and maybe have a handful of almonds. And a few glasses of water.

1:00 – Get back home and get Levi down for a nap hopefully by 1. He works the system sometimes and it’s 1:30 at the latest.

Lunch: Oh yeah then I realize I need to eat again: If I lifted I’ll always have a protein shake (Vanilla Designer Whey is my favorite). Then lunch is kind of all over the place. I’ll make something fast – usually a big bowl of frozen mixed veggies (I heat them up) with some beans or lentils and cut up chicken with avocado on top. Top it with Sriracha and some goat cheese. Sounds weird but it’s good and super filling. Sometimes I’ll make an egg sandwich again, paired with some more fruit. Then I’ll grab a handful of almonds or pita chips something too. If Levi has Cheeze-its lying around I’ll steal a few.

Drink: I’ll usually have another cup of coffee, Just black with a splash of almond milk, and some more water. I’d say I drink about 2 Liters of water a day… I think.  

1:30 – 4:30 pm = Work time – It’s a combination of any of the following: Write blog posts, work on any freelance design projects, paint, take pictures in the house (beauty/hair/makeup pics are usually taken at this time), respond to emails, reply to comments on blog, facebook, twitter or instagram, edit photos, and hopefully remember to shower. Sometimes I’ll take a few minutes to put on some makeup and do my hair (I have five minutes tops for this) – This is my three hours of get sh*t done while my brain is functioning mode. On days I didn’t go to the Y to lift, I’ll try and squeeze in a 20 minute workout at home.

4:35 ish Levi wakes up – give him a snack, then if we haven’t gone to the beach yet that day we’ll head down to catch the sunset or go for a walk together. Or else we’ll go to the park, or play around in the back yard: soccer, fetch with Kili, t-ball, golf – our back yard doubles as a sporting complex with a crazy pup running round.

5:45 – Oh crap half hour – my husband calls and is on his way home, then I realize the house is a disaster and I have no clue what we are having for dinner (unless it was one of those days when I was on my A game and threw a ton of stuff in a crock pot sometime earlier in the day.) Continue playing with Levi, and throw some frozen veggies in a pan a few minutes before he comes home so it looks like I’ve been cooking. Somehow dinner gets made and it’s usually pretty easy, healthy and delicious. (Also, if it wasn’t a lift at the YMCA or workout while Levi naps day, I’ll squeeze in a 20 minute tabata/kettlebell workout in our living room and let Levi watch some Elmo.

Dinner: Quinoa bowls: Quinoa topped with mixed veggies (the big frozen bag of frozen peas carrots, corn, etc) black beans and ground turkey. Top with plain greek yogurt, avocado, salsa and hot sauce.

Desert: Pineapple and a handful of peanut butter M&M’s that were meant for Levi and his potty training.

Drink: Water. I’m boring. Oh I also will have a La Croix. A little less boring. 

6:00-7:00ish – Family time – Eat dinner, play, run around, cuddle on the couch, laugh on the inside when picking up the house is mentioned. Dishes…blah.

7:10ish – Give Levi a bath, then we’ll all just wind down, read books and tell stories.

7:45 – Put Levi to sleep – sing Rocket Man and Midnight Train to Georgia…twice.

8-9:00 – Sit down and rest – check phone, edit pics, hang out with my husband before he goes to bed, watch This is Us on Tuesday night with a glass of wine and get a good cry in. Ironically this is the hour of the day that Kili decides she wants to play since she has our undivided attention.  If I didn’t get a workout in yet, this is my last time slot to sweat for 20 minutes.)

9:30 – 12:30am – Work – Will do any combination of the following: do a blog post, do my freelance design work, work on a painting, write emails, do invoices, fulfill orders in my shop, do my newsletter, write some late night poetry, or stare blankly at my laptop wondering what has happened to my brain. (Everynow and then I’ll say screw it and go to bed at 11:00)

Drink: Water, and big mug of herbal tea with honey.

12:30-1:15 ish – Brush Teeth, wash face, go check on Levi sleeping, then lay down on the six inches of the bed Kili and my husband have left me, pin a few things on pinterest (I know this is bad but it helps shut my mind off), say a prayer thanking God for the day, my family and life, and whatever else I feel like talking to him about … spray my deep sleep pillow spray on my pillow, and pass out.

…then do it all again tomorrow.

There you go.

Sorry of you went crosseyed while reading all of that.

Life is beautiful and man does it also happen fast.

Doing my best to fuel up accordingly, and always enjoy it along the way.

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