What I Miss about Hawaii

I believe in living in the moment, not looking back (too much) and making the most of each day. But I’d be lying if I didn’t confess that I miss Hawaii every day. Some days every minute, some other days it seems every second. After returning from my last trip back, it is rekindling these feelings more than ever.

Whenever I get an email of someone telling me they want to move to Hawaii, or that I inspired them to move, I cry a little on the inside. So, I am sorry if I haven’t emailed you back, it’s just I wish I could go back with you. 

So, I sit, with my big soundproof headphones on, listening to John Cruz on repeat, and figured it’s time to write a long overdue list about…what I miss about Hawaii. 

Or at least try.

The water. 

The clean, warm, beautifully blue, perfectly salty water. I want to go hold my breath and dive in it right now, go catch a wave on it without a wetsuit, and admire it’s glassiness in the morning or right before the sun sets at night. If anyone is in Hawaii reading this, go hop in the water for me. 


I’ve been back to Hawaii 3 times since I moved, and my first meal is always Poke. I crave it, I eat it plain, get a poke bowl, or use it as a dip with Maui onion chips. I love it. I really should learn how to make it. 

Flowers in my hair

Being able to pick a plumeria and put it in your hair, I believe is one of life’s simplest pleasures. Having my husband randomly pick one for me when we would go on a walk, made my heart melt. 

It’s so easy to be active.

Year round, take your pic: surfing, paddling, diving, swimming, hiking, biking, beach walking, and yes, none of these involved a gym membership. 

Beach BBQs

My husband and I had a little hibachi grill that we kept in the back of his truck, we’d scrounge up stuff to grill, buy a six pack and head to the beach at least twice a week for a BBQ. Those were by far my favorite meals. When we moved we couldn’t pack it, and I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away. So I left it in our empty apartment. Gets me teary eyed picturing it now.

Bikinis. Every dang day. 

Wearing a bikini year round, every day, always having an extra one in tow in case I stopped for a surf or swim, mixing and matching, not worrying about cheekiness, mastering the art of changing in and out of one in public (without offending anyone) and having it pretty much be the official uniform…need I say more. 

Surfing. A lot. In amazing conditions.

I’d even just go for a quick 30 minute session. I went as much as possible. Even on days when it wasn’t so good, I’d paddle around. I went on days when I probably shouldn’t have been out, just to feel the ocean tell me how small and powerless I am. I woke up super early to fit it in. I surfed a lot. Especially with my husband. Those were some of our best memories. Ironically, last summer when my husband found out we were going to be moving, we were blessed with (what many said) was one of the best swells that they’d had on the South Shore in 25 years. We surfed so much for that week, in unreal conditions, that I felt like my arms were going to fall off (which is a GREAT feeling). I am still convinced God knew how much we’d miss this place, and gave us a proper send off…with all those amazing waves. Gives me chicken skin thinking about it. 

Never having to highlight my hair. 

Thank you sun, you saved me a ton of money. All I did was dye my hair dark …et voila, sun kissed locks in no time. 

It’s easy to go to the beach. 

If I wanted to go to the beach, I hopped on my bike, or I drove on over to my favorite spot, parked my beat up beach mobile, and went. It’s not a big excursion. I didn’t need any passes or permits. Going to the beach was an easy, something you do/way of life kind of thing.

The smell of the air. 

If you’ve ever gotten off a plane and landed anywhere on the Hawaiian islands, you know what I’m talking about. That first breath of warm, humid, good for your lungs and skin, tropical air, filled with a magical combination of who knows what…is one of the best smells imaginable, that you can not put in a bottle. 

My tan. 

I shouldn’t miss it, but I do. And yes, I wore a ton of sunscreen. 

Coconut trees. 

Tall, swaying, gorgeous, sign of “I am somewhere tropical” coconut trees. I have one that was by our house that I’d go sit under all the time tattooed on my arm, but yeah I still miss them.

…and I’m sure if I thought about it longer I could think of a bunch of other things. So for now, this will do. Time to go enjoy the day.

As much as I miss so many things, I look at my amazing husband, our marriage, (and our pup), and wouldn’t want things any other way. My life has been full of irony and totally unplanned and unexpected blessings…and somehow, everything has worked out better than I would’ve ever dreamed.

One of my favorite sayings is “Man makes plans, and God laughs.” Well, I had planned on being in Hawaii forever, but it looks like God had something else in mind for us.

…which hopefully lets us travel back frequently.

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