What’s This All About

I’m about to do something I’m horrible at but have needed to attempt to tackle for some time – nail down an accurate description of this blog. One could call it a manifesto of sorts I guess. At times I have no clue what is actually going on here, but it somehow manages to all come together, so I guess it still works. Phew.

But, I think after some thought I’ve fleshed it out a bit. Or I had some ideas in the shower a little while ago. Will it be 150 characters or less? Hello no.

Here we go.

Goldfish Kiss is all about beautiful things and realizing they come in all shapes, sizes, and smiles that slap you on the back of the head or wake you up at sunrise. It’s about finding sunshine on gloomy days (usually in the form of some sort of tropical print or a good coffee drink, or both.)

It’s about taking care of myself inside and out – workouts and a healthy balanced lifestyle, a love for sweat, but also being open to vulnerability, embracing imperfection and sharing some struggles that are in need of sharing.  But it’s also about not oversharing.

Art, flowers, beach waves, shells, sandy toes and nails I try to paint murals on. Yup. You’ll see that here.

There’s a deep-rooted love for travel and sharing experiences. But there’s also a fondness for just soaking up some sun in my backyard, and finding 20 minutes of bliss, even on days when it seems like it’s hiding.

It’s about jeans, great tees, wabi-sabi style, kick-ass swimwear, wearable pops of sunshine, layers of beach bling that would make Mr. T proud and stuff that makes me SMILE DAMNIT. Stuff like that is just fun to share.

Being a mama is one heck of a journey, same with my marriage, most of which I keep to myself, but sometimes there’s some nuggets or pics of my l’il dude that just need a holler.

When I’m in a rut you bet I’ll throw some inspiration posts (oh Pinterest how I love thee) in the mix to keep on keeping on. And I’m picky beyond picky about any sponsored posts (Ahem, never any flat tummy tea. Never.)

There are great pics, some framers, way too many iphone pics these days, and some blurry pixelated ones (It’s what happens when I take my own pics. Perfection and DSLR is not always possible) Oh yeah. if you see a selfie, just know it took me at least 20 tries to get one I liked (please see camera roll snapshot above as evidence.)

Oh my goodness, after writing all of that, it’s confirmed – this site REALLY IS ALL OVER THE PLACE. Gosh, I have no clue how to categorize it. But you know what? That’s what I love about it.

So yeah 150 characters or less would be the wrath of Sisyphus.

But wait, I have it. I think.

Goldfish Kiss is a sunshine-filled pit stop created by a salty souled Mama in search of beauty and tropical vibes everywhere, who just hopes you feel good after a visit.

…And man oh man am I so grateful whenever you choose to stop by.

Ok that will work. For now.

Only took me 9 years to attempt that.

With much love and Vitamin D,


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