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  • Productive messy desk

    I promise I haven’t just been traveling and online shopping for sweatpants (Ok I have. Sweatpants roundup is coming soon, although I’m kind of baffled at how sweats are now costing the same as a

  • 10 Mood Boosting Sweaters

    It’s officially chilly, cold, and grey here in Seattle.  (I’m writing while wearing sweats, a thermal tee, and a cardigan. I’m holding out on busting out the Ugg slippers as long as I can, but

  • Out Of Office, But Very Salty

    If I ever go missing for over a week, with no peep on here, don’t worry. It’s usually because I’m somewhere really sunny, with palm trees, and I play so hard during the day that

  • In A Fall Mood

    Somehow it’s the first day of Fall, and honestly, it sure feels like it. It’s like a switch went off last week and the grey is starting to gradually roll into Seattle. I also had

  • A Dozen Summery Things

    I don’t know how it’s already the eve of Memorial Day weekend. But it is. I feel like it still February. Usually, I’ll whip up some stay put bikini roundup, but given my lack of

  • Simplify the list

    In the past week or so I had an mini epiphany. I came to realize that my daily to do list was out of control, both metaphorically and literally. And I’m just over it. It

  • Postcard Outing

    Well, we are currently living in an empty house. Ok we have a few suitcases and whatever else we could fit on our truck for the drive down to Florida. Other than that, empty. Which

  • Let’s talk Miami

    I just got back from Miami yesterday morning, so figured I’d do a quick recap while everything is fresh in my mind. And before I get back to my usual (crazy, hard to focus on

  • The wide open spaces Craving

    You know that famous Dixie Chicks song, Wide Open Spaces…She needs wide open spaces, Room to make her big mistakes, She needs new faces, She knows the high stakes. Well I might be listening to