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  • The Seiba Pocket Purse. DIY it.

    First off, I can not take credit for coming up with this one. Ashley, the founder of Seiba, showed me the light, and told me to spread the word. I am gladly following through. Because

  • Easy Cool Hat

    Big floppy hats have a magical ability to make any outfit go from blah to voila. Honestly, a day doesn’t go by when I don’t see someone stylishly rocking one. I must admit, it’s rarely

  • Boat Style

    What I learned about style when living on a boat in the Maldives for a week:  You don’t need much. It’s freaking hot. So you don’t want to wear much. Really, all you need is the

  • The cuffed looped pony

    I met up with my friend Ashley of Seiba yesterday for a little SUP stroll in Malibu. And well, whenever I see her, she is adorned in some sort of friendship bracelet radness. (Free People

  • On honor of all the talk

    On honor of all the talk about fall fashion, back to school, and the impending reality of dropping temperatures and more clothing being a necessity, I thought I’d post something quite relevant…a good ol’ LBB and

  • A comfy bikini + a bunch of

    A comfy bikini + a bunch of bracelets + a little breeze + a freakishly beautiful day = quite the blissful combo. Gotta love math like that.

  • Have you ever found bikini that

    Have you ever found bikini that seemed to be able to read your mind? Well, this beauty sure did. It figured out what I needed in a bikini, before I even really knew what the