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  • Cannon Beach. Be still my heart.

    Spontaneous weekend trips are my kind of jam. Yeah, weekend traffic sucks, but when one of your favorite coastlines on the planet is a 4-hour drive away (or 5 depending on traffic) I figured it

  • Cannon Beach.

    A little over 230 miles away, there is a beach, that’s unlike any beach I’ve ever been to. It’s called Cannon Beach. And it’s the bomb. A cannon bomb. My husband and I ventured out

  • My Five Favorite Beach Runs

    I was running on the beach last week, and just started reminiscing about all of the amazing places that I’ve ran, sans shoes, while clearing my mind and listening to the waves. I also took

  • The Beach House

    I just finished turning ¾ of my home office into a baby nursery. During a heatwave. In our rental that has no a/c or cross-breeze. Which had me dreaming of something more than ever, and

  • oh this gorgeous earth

    Oh this beautiful, jaw dropping, makes you feel oh so small earth we are so blessed to live on. I want to swim in all the oceans, feel the crisp & cool mountain air, soak

  • WA to CA Road Trip

    I just completed, without a doubt. The best road trip of my life. My mom, pup and I drove down the scenic coastal route from Seattle to Los Angeles, and my jaw has never gotten

  • Running in the rain is one

    Running in the rain is one of my favorite past times. It really is like exercise, therapy, and a shower, all balled up into one refreshing amazing experience. Actually, if you think about it, running

  • Aloha Seattle

    One of the best quotes I’ve heard in a while is this: The only sign of life is growth. Well, thanks to this move, I’ve been growing a lot. So I am definitely living. So,

  • One of those days at the lake

    There are some pretty sweet days tucked away at the end of summer. Places aren’t crowded, but it’s still warm. The water is refreshing, and the weather is delightfully moody. It all came together the

  • Latest Pinspirations

    It’s that time of year that my motivation resembles that of a snail in a Zumba class. Sorry, this whole 8 hours of daylight where I rarely see any sunshine gets to me. But never